How To Help Students Who Are Dyslexic

Do you have students who are dyslexic or displaying the signs of dyslexia? If you do then you need to know about the Dyslexie Font!

Dyslexia is a language-based processing learning disability. It affects both adults and children and causes problems with accuracy & fluency in literacy, particularly difficulties in word recognition, decoding and spelling. These problems can also lead to problems in reading comprehension and can also limit vocabulary growth.

The Dyslexia SPELD Foundation in Western Australia can provide tutoring support and also has has some fabulous classroom resources for children, older children & adults including books, tutoring & FREE advice on how to structure classroom instruction:

  • Teaching Spelling – Focussing on Phonics Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Spelling Conventions & Patterns, Metacognitive & Memory Skills, Morphology & Syntax (Grammar), Semantic Knowledge & Etymology
  • Teaching Reading – Focussing on Developing Phonics Knowledge & Reading  Accuracy, Decoding Skills & Fluency
  • Teaching Writing – Focussing on Talking & Reading for Writing, Sentence Level Teaching: Grammar, Building Sentences, Building Longer Sentences, Paragraph Level Teaching: Drafting, Revising & Editing

A Font To Help Dyslexic Students Learn Read

Having Dyslexia is a learning disability which makes it difficult for sufferers to see the differences between certain letters, making reading & writing impossible!

But what if there was another way to help your students decipher written text?

Well now there is… Introducing The Dyslexie Font created by Dutch graphic designer  Christian Boer, who is also dyslexic! He created the Dyslexie Font whilst studying at the Utrecht Art Academy in the Netherlands to make reading easier for people, like himself, who have dyslexia.

FREE Dyslexie Font For Dyslexic Students

The font makes reading easier for people with dyslexia by varying the letter shapes more, making it harder to confuse similarly shaped letters like “b” and “d”.

Take a look at this video to see how it works.  You can Get it for FREE – Click Here !!!!

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