Maths Teaching Strategies

Maths Teaching Strategies

Teaching Numeracy

Teaching strategies are the key to students’ success. We all want our kids to succeed in the maths classroom and the type of strategies we use will determine if they are successful or not when teaching numeracy

Being strategy focussed and using creative hands-on maths teaching strategies in your instruction can get students excited and motivated about maths. These essential strategies in teaching mathematics can make this your most successful year ever!


Maths Teaching Strategies


Check out our Muffin Tin Maths Activity for a Hands-on Activity to build number fact fluency & recall, or see how to implement Guided Maths with Dr. Nicki Newton, grab a FREE Growth Mindset Poster and teach your students how to think and speak like a “Good Mathematician” and watch a range of strategy videos to help you teach multiplication including, skip counting, arrays, the commutative property, groups of, and the Italian Lattice Method.

Use these maths teaching strategies to say goodbye to student math anxiety and low engagement and hello to A Plus Teacher Strategies that work!

How To Help Your Students Conquer Fractions?



Number Recognition – I Spy 0-10



Number Fact Fluency – Roll, Dot & Write Dice Activities



Growth Mindset



Let Kids Figure It Out!



Successful Students




5 Steps For Successful Problem Solving



Place Value Folder For Years 1 To Year 5



Teaching Numeracy With Muffin Tin Maths



Guided Math



Top 5 Mental Maths Tips


Thinking & Talking About Math

Is Minecraft Really Educational?

The Remainder Problem

Non-Standard Measurement


Teaching Algebra – Top 5 Tips

5 Steps To Successful Measurement Moderation Tasks


Math Anxiety is it REAL?


Teaching Multiplication Strategies




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