Frayer Model Maths Think Board {Free Printable!}

Maths think Boards

Frayer Model Maths Think Board are excellent learning tools for EVERY classroom. Easily differentiate any topic and see what kids really understand. Try Our Freebie with your kids Today!


Math think Board Templates

Maths Think Board Templates are great teaching tool that will help your students build deeper levels of  understanding in a wide range of concepts. They are especially useful in the math classroom to help students practice and consolidate what they have been learning.

When teaching numeracy plan activities or math rotations that include using Frayer Model maths think board templates so that you can help your students, improve their mathematical knowledge and understandings.

Our Frayer Model Free maths think board printables and activity ideas will help your students become confident mathematical thinkers. Scroll to end of the post for the FREE Download, check out all our think board templates here…

Maths Think Board Concepts

Think boards are an effective visual learning strategy  for your students. Templates can be created for a wide range of math concepts. We have created a black line master pack for you to download with 12 different maths think board templates. Templates in the pack cover the following math concepts on separate think boards:

  • Numbers – reading, writing, saying whole numbers, decimal numbers, fractions, improper fractions, number words, Numerals, Digits
  • Number Sense –  0-9 number sequence, number order, before & after, tens and ones, place value, expanded notation
  • Quantity – tens frames, counters, MAB, fingers, unifix cubes, number line, tally, number sentences.





Maths think Board Templates


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How To Use Think Board Templates

We put together a handy Black Line Masters pack for your to save you time finding the templates.

Here’s how to use them:

  • Print onto A4 paper or blown up to A3.
  • Use in small groups of 2-4 with each child taking a section
  • or for independent work
  • As a post or pre assessment activity
  • The think board download can be completed in any order
  • It can be reused if  laminated or put inside a reusable pocket.
  • Each template can easily be differentiated by using larger or smaller numbers, and the teacher can scribe for younger students or students with special needs.

12 Maths Think Board Templates For Classrooms

The 12 Templates include:

  1. Place Value think board – Use the Place Value Dice Shaker to generate up to 9 digit numbers – this template helps students learn how to read and say numbers in groups of 3 and highlights how the word ‘and’ is represented (e.g. three hundred and two is not 3002).
  2. Place Value (2) – This is a 6 segment board in including a place value frame, draw it, word form, make it with MAB, standard form, expanded form
  3. Connecting Numbers, words, digits & quantity (1) – A 5 section template to connect numbers, pictures, concrete materials, number sentences and number stories(word problems) try completing different sections first, e.g. start with the answer is 12 what could the question be?
  4. Number Sense (1) ‘Teen’ Numbers – A 5 segment template that helps your students build flexibility with numbers. The students are required to show the numeral, number before, after, in tens and ones, with materials and draw in their own tens frames. This one is excellent for teen numbers!



number think board template


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5. Blank Think Board Templates – complete each section any way you want . Great for a prior knowledge assessment or a post unit assessment

6. Fraction Think Board Template (1) -5 segments with space to write in words or digits or both. Headings include: fraction, decimal, show on a number line, make or draw a model and create a place value chart – there are no scaffolding elements, it’s up to the student to create everything.  You could ask the student to select their own fraction or 3-5,  to work on or tell them “the answer is…____ what is the problem?”

7. Operations Think board – A 5 section template, one section for add, subtract, multiply and divide and a middle section for the target number. It can be a whole number, percentage, fraction or decimal.This template shows the relationship laws between the 4 operations. It can be used to  show your students the commutative law, the link between repeated addition and multiplication, the links between multiplication and division and relationship between addition and subtraction.  Ask students to create a number sentence to show how to get to the given answer, as well as draw a diagram or use materials.

8. Connecting Numbers, words, digits & quantity (2) – A 4 section template to connect numbers, number words, quantity with drawings and materials and quantity on fingers.


9. Number Sense (2) – A 7 section template that helps your students build flexibility with numbers. Complete one or more sections for your students or use the template in a co-operative group. Sections include: answer, number story (word problem), diagram, number line(not drawn), ten frame, tally and number sentence.

10. Fraction Think Board Template (2) – 7 segments with space to write in words or digits or both. Headings include: fraction, decimal, show on a number line, make or draw a model and create a place value chart, equivalent fraction, improper fraction – there are no scaffolding elements, it’s up to the student to create everything.  You could ask the student to select their own fraction or 3-5,  to work on or tell them “the answer is…____ what is the problem?”

11. Problem Solving Strategy Template (anecdotal record) –  A 6 section template that focuses the students on how to tackle solving math problems. Write the problem in the centre box as a number sentence or word problem. Students then complete the boxes “what do you need to find out?” , “Brainstorm so ideas”, “Solve it”, “Self Reflection”. Teachers use this as a conferencing tool to record student understandings. Or it can be used as an extension tool for students to teach each other how to solve problems.

12. Problem Solving Template – 6 sections including answer, word story, semantic number sentence, part-part-whole working out and calculator number sentence.



Think Board Free printable


Think Board Template Resources

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6 thoughts on “Frayer Model Maths Think Board {Free Printable!}

  1. Thanks, they look great!

    1. You’re welcome Sue. I love using think boards in my classroom they really stretch the kids.

      Our fans have also been been telling us how much they love using Think Boards in their classroom, and how effective they are and that they would like to use more templates in their classrooms.
      BUT… they also say that there are just too many ideas and not enough time to research and create everything! Don’t you agree?

      That’s where we come in!

      We know that you don’t want just any type of resource, you want research and evidence based activities. These are the BEST for our students.
      We think that students deserve this too so we have done the work for you and created a new addition to the A Plus Teaching Resources’ Family! So that’s why we made it!

      For our latest resource we sat down for a couple of days to do the research. We trawled the internet, AAMT & ACER have articles if you’r interested, and we also used our professional resource books (Teaching Primary Mathematics, & Mathematical Mindsets are our personal favourite, go-to resources!) to get the research to help us develop this neat resource.

      This little BLM pack of 12 different think board templates contains the best of the best templates that we found!
      So if you want your students to be able to use their mathematical knowledge effectively, in a range of situations and be confident enough to transfer that knowledge to new situations then this is the pack of Think Board templates is for you!

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