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Mental Maths Centre Activities Using A Muffin Tin

Check out this awesome idea for Math Centres or Homework using a muffin tin. Create hundreds of math problems in no time at all for Multiplication, Subtraction, Division, Rounding, Place Value, 2D Shapes, 3D Objects… the possibilities are endless,  it’s cheap, quick and there is absolutely no photocopying, no cutting and no laminating! Meet the needs of your students and differentiate the problems by colour coding your muffin pan liners. To enable self-checking either write the answer on the bottom of the liner or if you can see it through the paper, insert a double liner. Encourage students to play individually, for homework, or in pairs.A great way to build number facts and fluency!

Place Value Game

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Download our FREEBIE to see connections to the Australian Curriculum for Foundation -Year 6, it includes:

Foundation – Subitising, Principles of Counting & Number Recognition
Year 1 – Skip Counting, Solve simple addition & subtraction problems, Tell time to the half  hour
Year 2 – Partition & Rearrange numbers to 1000, Coin Recognition, Solve Addition & Subtraction problems
Year 3 – Odd or Even Numbers, Recall of Addition & Subtraction Facts, Features of 3D objects
Year 4 -Multiplication, Division, Compare Angles
Year 5 – Factors, Addition & Subtraction of Fractions, Rounding
Year 6 – Prime Numbers, Square Numbers, Triangular numbers, Multiply decimals by Powers of ten, Convert between Units of Measurement

Click HERE TO Download Your  Number Facts Activities FREEBIE  with BONUS Links  to the Australian Curriculum for Foundation -Year 6