Australian Money Math Center Games {Monster Fun!}


Teach your kids about Australian money with these Bright, Bold & Fun Spinner Money Monsters! Super engaging and perfect for math centers or rotations!

With our Australian Money Math Center Games BUNDLE your students will learn how to:

  • Match different written values to coins & notes
  • Count & Calculate Collections of the SAME coins
  • Count & Calculate DIFFERENT Coins
  • Count & Calculate Australian Notes
  • Make Equivalent amounts using different coins

They are NO PREP and just ready for your to print onto A4 or Blow up to A3, laminate and GO! Read More About Teaching Money on our Blog

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Our Australian Money Math Center Games Are an excellent addition to any math center if you want to help teach kids about Australian Money. Your kids will find learning to count money a blast with these Bright, Bold Money MONSTERS!

Australian money math center games

After our extensive research into teaching money using our favourite Money books by, Dr. Paul Swan, we created a set of fun and engaging Money Monster themed resources. Your kids will love these counting money math center games {coins & Notes}. We guarantee that they will cover these skills to help them ACE counting money!

Teaching kids to count money is a precursor skill to understanding coin & note equivalence. Teaching kids to count money needs to be broken down into activities that allow them to:

  1. Count like coins or like notes
  2. Count mixed coins
  3. Count mixed coins and notes

To be successful at the counting money strategy your students need to be able to:

  • Recognise the coins or what they are counting – (Related Post: Coin Recognition activities are here)
  • Physically sort & organise coins for counting
  • Count the coins accurately
  • Calculate the total of the count correctly

in all 3 situations.

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Strategies For Teaching Counting Money

Teaching kids about counting coins is really about teaching them the process of mental repeated addition or skip counting.

When counting money you’re not finding out how many of something there is. You’re actually adding two or more quantities together, on the fly, in your head.

This counting process requires the counter to use repeated addition understandings, and  skip counting number sequence patterns, to find out How MUCH or the Value of the money collection.

So it’s going to follow that the kids who don’t understand skip counting or can’t do mental repeated addition, will find counting coins tricky too! Our Australian Money Math Center Games will help kids to develop these strategies, so add them To Your Cart & download them today!


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