Egg Carton Math Activities


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Egg Carton Math Activities

Numbers, Counting, Subitising, Addition

Our Egg Carton Math Activities are just perfect for teaching preschoolers, kindergarten and Year 1 students a range of early years maths concepts including Number recognition, counting, subitising and addition.  Our Egg Carton Math Activities pack complements your hands-on math learning experiences and includes the resources for you to create numerous opportunities for discovery and exploration using:

  • Ten frames
  • Number Lines,
  • Subitising- standard dice
  • Digits
  • Numbers in words
  • Addition -part-part-whole


Egg Carton Maths Activities Pack


This Egg Carton Maths Activities Pack Includes *Secured PDF file which means you will not be able to change, customise, edit or copy and paste any of the information.

Egg Carton Activities Pack

The Pack includes:

1. Subitising & Number Recognition Think Board (#1-10)

  • Perfect for using with our egg carton math activities ideas, it can also be used with any of your own learning center resources. The think board helps students to build deep understandings about the math being used in these math games and helps them connect number recognition to: number digits, number words, ten frames, number line, & quantity (students draw themselves).

2. Subitising & Number Recognition Think Board Assessment Recording Sheet (#1-10)

  • This is suitable for teachers to collect evidence of students achievement for reporting. This sheet contains all the elements listed above and also includes Teacher assessment criteria for you to complete.

3. Subitising & Number Recognition Matching Cards (0-6)

  • These cards can be used with the think board template,  with egg carton math game, in a rice sensory bin, as a matching concentration game, playdough mats, in a reusable pocket with a whiteboard marker, or in a snap card game. They will also work as a circle time visual resource at the start and end of your math session. Cards Included: Digits, Number words, Ten frames, Numbers on a number line.

4. Addition Think Board Template (up to 30)

  • This Think Board template  can be used with our egg carton Addition math activities ideas. It will also work with any of your own hands-on addition ideas.  The think board helps students to build deep understandings about the addition process, where they will learn that addition is the process of joining quantities together to find out “how many there are”.

5. Subitising & Number Recognition Bingo Game (1-6)

  • 6 bingo base boards including dice, digits, ten frame, number line and number words. With call cards which can also be used for a range of other number activities.



Egg Carton Activities Pack
Egg Carton Pack
Egg Carton Pack addition

*(secured PDF, no copy, paste, extracting or changing, customising of information) You will also need to open this product in Adobe Reader DC (FREE) to print correctly. Download it HERE


Egg Carton Math Activities Pack

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