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Our Free Skip Counting Think Board is a MUST Have math printable. Perfect for hands-on activities, assessment & building understandings in any math concepts!

Skip Counting Think Board

We created this think board template to help us teach skip counting. We wanted to see if our kids could actually skip count or if they were just parroting a number chant.

Have you ever asked a child what skip counting is? Could they tell you..? They would probably respond with a 2,4,6,8… chant! Which is great except it is just that… a chant!

Once we realised that kids are unsure about what skip counting is really about we knew we needed a cracking activity to fix it!

Using our research on maths think board templates and the fact that we love using thinkboards, we them we came up with 4 just for skip counting!

Skip Counting ThinkBoards

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Free Skip Counting Think Board Templates

Here our the 4 templates  for teaching skip counting. We used a combination of the Frayer Model & the Think Board to create them, including:

  • Pre-filled think board including prompts for;  Definition – in students own words, Process – A space for kids to write the steps of how to skip count, a great one for partners to test out, Facts/Characteristics – a space to write as much as they can about skip counting, Examples and Non- Examples – show examples of skip counting and what’s not an example of skip counting

  • Board 2 has the same headings Definition, Process, Examples-Non-Examples – Facts/ Characteristics –  but without the student prompts in each box
  • The third free skip counting template includes spaces for kids to show skip counting on a number line (forwards, backwards from any starting point), with materials, and the process of how to skip count
  • The last free thinkboard template is a total blank so you can create your own!

Hope you love using the think board as much as we do, leave us a comment if you do!


4 Free skip counting thinkboard templates




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Our Free Skip Counting Think Board is a MUST Have math printable. Perfect for hands-on activities, assessment & building understandings in any math concepts! # math #free #numbersense


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