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These FREE 12 growth mindset motivational posters will help your students turn a fixed mindset about learning math into a growth mindset. Turn any anxious reluctant learner into confident risk taking learner!

“What you believe about your own potential will change what you achieve”

Jo Boaler


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Growth Mindset Free Printable

We just love Jo Boaler and promoting a GROWTH MINDSET. We saw a fantastic bulletin board idea on pinterest and decided to make a FREE version to share with our community.

Use these Free Printables to help your students to realise the power of a growth mindset. There are 6 fixed mindset statements based on what children say about their learning and 6 corresponding growth mindset  statements to help them turn their fixed mindset into a growth mindset. Print, laminate and display in your classroom to help your students achieve their full potential!


“What you believe about your own potential will change what you achieve” Jo Boaler

Jo Boaler Growth Mindset

We made a B & W version so you can use it in students books as a pre/post assessment activity and also a colour version that you can laminate & reuse for warm-ups. We’ve even put together an instruction sheet with ideas of what to do in each section and we even included some of our favourite Pinterest ideas as well!





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