Multiplication Printable Number Games


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If you still have children in your class that don’t know their times tables our multiplication printable number games booklets are guaranteed to help!


Times Table Hack

Multiplication Printable Number Games

Our simple times tables booklet is the perfect printable to get your kids to learn, memorise, and recall any multiplication number facts.

They are crazy simple to create but are the most effective ‘Times Tables’ activity ever! They take the stress out of learning and teaching multiplication strategies and times tables facts.


When kids make this simple booklet they are building a deep understanding of the multiplicative process. With the right teacher scaffolding and modelling this activity can help your students understand:

  • Repeated Addition
  • Arrays
  • Skip Counting
  • Multiplication Fact (Times Tables)

What’s more these times tables printables number games are simple to prep. There’s no printing, copying or laminating! We guarantee your kids will enjoy learning their number facts and will with practice memorise their Times Tables once and for all!



Multiplication Printable Games Booklets Video

We made a video to help you make these booklets. They are super simle to make, once you have made one!

Just remember that the book is back to front!

Once you’ve figured out where to write everything you can make them for  all the ‘Times Tables’ Facts.


Which Times Tables To Learn First?

We have done some research on which times tables kids should learn first. We found that there is no one order or method for teaching the multiplication tables.  What is important is to find out what the students already know and focus on teaching what they don’t know!

We found that the best order to teach the times tables facts is one that builds on what kids already know and teach facts that have related multiples.

So for example in the younger years learning the 2’s, 4’s together works well and the 5’s and 10 times tables.

Next comes the 3’s and 6 times tables, followed by the 7’s, 8’s and 9’s. You should also check the order of your school’s curriculum.


***Get a 20% off coupon (emailed to you) to spend on our Multiplication packs when you download this FREEBIE!***


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