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Fantastic Free Number Think board Download You Need Now! Perfect for Teaching Number Recognition to Kindergarten and Preschool kids! 

Number think board Download


Number Think Board Download

We love using a number think board in our math classroom. There are so many ways you can adapt them, and they can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of your students. Get this number think board download for FREE to help your students with numbers, numerals and quantity. We have combined think boards with the concept attainment strategy to create a very simple, but a hugely effective addition to your teaching numbers program for o-10. Read more about using concept attainment activities here…


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FREE Number think board download includes sorting yes/no categories.

Free number think board download

Our FREE sorting numbers think board download will help your students to sort and categorise numbers into ‘yes / no’ examples. This will extend their understanding of numbers to include number names, digits and quantities; including arrays, tallies, tens frames… the number think board download is blank so you can adapt and differentiate it easily to meet the needs of all your students. You could use this for letters, colours, shapes… whatever you like!

Try hiding numbers and letters for your kids to sort and categorise in a rice sensory bin!



Number sort sensory rice bin


number sort sensory bin


More Number Think Board Downloads

Are you in love with the concept attainment teaching strategy? We are! it is so versatile and easy to implement and the results are awesome! Be prepared for multiple ‘Ahaaaaaaa moments with this strategy. Use these activities for:

  • Warm-ups
  • Assessing Prior knowledge
  • Practice in Math Rotations
  • Assessment Tasks

*(secured PDF, no copy, paste, extracting or changing, customising of information) You will also need to open this product in Adobe Reader DC (FREE) to print correctly. Download it HERE

Number think board Download


We like to use in our warm up sessions to hook the students in at the start of a lesson. It helps students to focus on the concept, connecting their prior knowledge with what they need to learn next.  Using it at the beginning of your session also helps you to quickly see what your students need. From here you can identify who you need to work alongside and what you need to teach them. You can also see who needs extension activities and quickly differentiate your math lesson.


sorting numbers think board

These boards also work perfectly in math rotations. Prepare the sorting strips by laminating them and cutting them into cards to sort into examples or non-examples.

number think board sorting

Or use the pre-prepared cut and stick boards to assess your students understanding. They are great for a math portfolio as evidence of student understanding.

number sort think boards

Sorting think board


What’s included:

4 different Think Board types & sorting cards

  1. Blank Yes/No Sorting blank number sorts think board
  2. Number sorting 0-10 – Words in digits as a heading on the boards  0-10 for use with the sorting carts)number think board sorting in digits
  3. Number sorting Boards 0-10 cut, sort & stick – numbers in words number sort think boards cut sort and stick
  4. Sorting Cards – Tallies, Tens frames, number words, digits and counting fingers sheets to copy, laminate & cutNumber 0-10 sorting cards

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