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These numbers 0-10 hole punch activities are excellent fine motor activities for recognising numbers, digits and quantities, for kindergarten and preschool kids


Numbers 0-10 Hole Punch Activities

This numbers 0-10 hole punch activities pack will help foundation, kindergarten and preschool kids to practice matching numbers to quantity by simply punching out the correct representation of the focus number in the middle of the card. So Simple!

Numbers 0-10 Hole Punch Activities

Matching Numbers & Quantity

Use this pack, numbers 0-10 hole punch activities,  to help your students match quantities as:

  • tens frames
  • tallies
  • digits
  • words
  • counting on fingers
  • The use of a hand held hole punch will also help your kids develop the smaller muscles found in the hands, fingers and wrists.

This numbers 0-10 hole punch activities pack will help foundation, kindergarten and preschool kids to practice matching numbers to quantity by simply punching out the correct representation of the focus number in the middle of the card. So Simple!

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Pack includes number 0-10

Numbers are shown as:

  • Tens Frames
  • Tallies
  • Dots or Stars
  • Number Words
  • Digits
  • Counting on Fingers
  • Various fonts
  • Letters

You will Also need:

  • Dice
  • Hand Held Hole Punches
  • Reusable Pockets
  • Highlighters / Whiteboard Markers

Fine Motor Hole Punch Kit



Numbers 0-10 Hole Punch Activities – Instructions & Equipment

These number recognition matching cards are great for math rotations, and versatile too. Here a 3 ways you can use them to help your students:


  1. A4 sized – students use a highlighter to show all versions of each number.


Highlight Number Matching Sheets


2. Pop the Sheets inside a Reusable Pocket to save Paper.


0-10 Number Recognition Game In A Reusable Sleeve


3. Resize in your printing menu by printing 2 or 4 to a page. Use a hand held hole punch to punch out the matching numbers.


Hand Help Hole Punch 0-10 Number Recognition Game


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Hole Punch Number Recognition Activity Pack


FREE Roll, Subitise & Punch Game

As always we like to create a little something for FREE for our FANS! Our FREE Roll & Punch a Rainbow Game will help your students build their fine motor skills, subitise, and count!

Click here if you want to get more freebies!
Rainbow Subitizing math game



Add the FREE Template To your Cart & Print. There a 5 rainbow tracks per A4 sheet.


Rainbow Fine Motor FREEBIE


Play in a  teacher led small group, pairs or individually. Each player has a dot dice for subitising. Player 1 rolls their dice and uses the hand help hole punch to punch out the matching amount of holes on their rainbow, counting aloud as they punch to help build one to one correspondence . e.g. if 5 is rolled on the dice then only player 1 punches out 5 holes.


Rainbow, roll, subitise & Punch FREE Game

Player 2 rolls their dice and punches out the correct number of holes. The winner is the first person to punch out all of their rainbow.


For extension introduce two dice and play the game as above but use the two dice to add quantities together.

Adding & punching numbers



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FREE Roll & Punch Fine Motor Hole Punch Counting


More Hole Punch Fine Motor Activities

Kids will love our creative, open-ended, hole punch fine motor activities as a math rotation task to help them practice early numeracy skills, including,  number recognition, counting and matching numbers to quantity. You can even adapt it for arrays, multiplication and addition activities for the older grades! Read MORE …


Hole Punch Number Recognition Activity

Children's Books For Teaching Numbers 0-100

Children’s Books About Counting & Numbers

Also available

Roll, Subitise & Punch Rainbow FREEBIE, Hole Punch Cards 0-10 Pack


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