Roll & Dot Subitising Numbers Activity


Roll and Dot the Number is a quick math rotation game that will help your students learn how to subitise ‘see how many without counting‘  and match ‘how many’ to the right number. Read More Here…

Roll & Dot Numbers

This activity is great for developing the ability to subitise and match the corresponding numbers.Find more FREE Printables here…


How To Play:

  • Roll the dot dice & ‘see how many, without counting’ (2)
  • Select a colour Dab & Dot marker and copy the dots onto the blank dice on the activity sheet (red- 2 dots)
  • Use the same colour marker to dab & dot ‘how many’… find them all (2)
  • Roll again & continue, changing dab & dot marker colour each time a different number is rolled (6 different colours)
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