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Teacher Organiser Year 6 WA


Our Teacher Organiser Year 6 WA English is a teacher organiser and planner designed to help teachers access, organise and implement the National Australian Curriculum & WA Curriculum into their planning.

In this Australian Teacher Planner the Curriculum is set set out in easy to view formats, like your Teacher daily Work-pad (Australia) for curriculum, which allows you to see An Overview Page of:

  • Achievement Standards
  • Concept Strands
  • Sub-Strands & Elaborations

with check off Term boxes so you can see what you have taught and instantly see what’s left to teach!

The Teacher Organiser Year 6 WA English Organiser Pack also includes  Student Tracker Checklists to help monitor, track and grade achievement of the learning Area; perfect for keeping all your data together for reports!

Teacher Organiser Year 6 WA English Organiser Subscription

Our Curriculum Organiser is a subscription product which will be renewed automatically every year unless cancelled by purchaser. Cancel at anytime, there is no cancellation fee. It is a one person subscription and not for Schools, the product cannot be loaded onto school shared drives without a school licence see our School Licences  for more…  Subscribers will also get FREE Access to our training videos and support PDFs in our exclusive Members Lounge!

Use this product to:

  • Align Teaching, Learning & Assessment Programs with the National Australian Curriculum
  • Keep track of what you have taught
  • Identify what to teach next
  • Track your students achievement
  • Develop Individual & Group Education Plans
  • Grade your students for reporting
  • Save you TIME, keep you ORGANISED & provide evidence for Performance Management


Watch the PREVIEW to see if this Teacher Organiser is right for you…

ThisTeacher Organiser Year 6 WA English Organiser will save you time & help you keep all your curriculum outcomes in one place. It is Your Teacher Daily Work-pad to help Organise the English Curriculum and help with Planning, Assessing & Reporting English – ‘Student Names’ Class list Editable- 36 Student Name Spaces

This is a digital product. It contains secured  PDF files  –  You will NOT be able to copy, cut & paste, or extract the information in this document.  For use on Laptops, Surface Pro & PC. Read ONLY on Tablets

YOU MUST have  ADOBE READER DC  (FREE) on your computer to Edit, Save & Print  – Download here to get it for FREE

Your product will not print, save or add students if you do not have this software. 


Teacher Organiser Year 6 WA English

Teacher Organiser Year 6 WA English

What’s included:

Page 1Overview of the English learning Area –  Includes one page colour coded overview of the Concept Strand, Sub-strand & Achievement Standard Number & Statement.

Page 2 – Overview of Learning Area Curriculum- Includes on page colour coded overview of the Learning Area Strand & Sub-strand, Achievement Standard Check list broken down into modes of teaching. There is also tick boxes for you to tick off what you have taught (non-editable).

Page 3Year Level Description

Page 4 – Colour Coded Overview Pages of Each Strand 

  • Sub-Strand
  • Focus Concept
  • Content Descriptor Number
  • Content Description
  • Elaborations & Teaching Focus
  • Non-Editable Tick box to tick off when you have taught the concept

Page 7+ Editable Student Trackers for every Content Description & Elaboration. Includes form fillable field (editable) which means you can type in:

  • Your Name, date & class on the cover page
  • Enter your Class list of students’ names onto the trackers & the document will automatically repopulate all the checklists; you only type the names once!
  • Save, edit, print from your PC, surface Pro and/or laptop

This teaching resource and the intellectual property it contains has been developed by A+ Teaching Resources and is protected under copyright 2016. It may be printed & photocopied by the original purchaser for single classroom use only and may not be put on the internet, re-sold or re-distributed in any other form.Schools must purchase individual copies for individual teachers and MUST NOT share or load onto school shared drives without a Licence.“© Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) 2010 to present, unless otherwise indicated. This material was downloaded from the Australian Curriculum website (Website) (accessed [2016]) and was not modified. The material is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Version updates are tracked on the Curriculum version history page of the Australian Curriculum website. ACARA does not endorse any product that uses the Australian Curriculum or make any representations as to the quality of such products. Any product that uses material published on this website should not be taken to be affiliated with ACARA or have the sponsorship or approval of ACARA. It is up to each person to make their own assessment of the product, taking into account matters including, but not limited to, the version number and the degree to which the materials align with the content descriptions (where relevant). Where there is a claim of alignment, it is important to check that the materials align with the content descriptions (endorsed by all education Ministers), not the elaborations (examples provided by ACARA).”

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