Teaching Multiplication Strategies Kit {Best Seller!}


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Our BEST selling Teaching Multiplication Strategies Kit is an absolute MUST for elementary & Primary Classrooms. Hands-on, Fun Teaching Resources For Teaching Multiplication.

Teaching Multiplication Strategies Kit

Teaching Multiplication Strategies Kit

Our teaching multiplication strategies kit is perfect for hands on classrooms. Teach elementary and primary students deep multiplicative understanding with these multiplication printable number games.

The activities focus on 5 key multiplication concepts including; skip counting, arrays, equal groups, commutative property and repeated addition. An absolute must for making teaching numeracy EASY!

This best selling pack consists of 5 Classroom Strategies Activities and Instructions, 5 Colour Posters & low ink versions and  a Thinkboard Task, Student Recording Sheets & Reflection sheet.

All this in 1 BIG bundle!

Includes 40 pages – 2 separate PDF Files

5 Strategies with Colour & Low ink Posters & Teaching instructions

  • Skip Counting
  • Arrays
  • Equal Groups
  • 3 for FREE Triangle Cards (Commutative Property)
  • Repeated Addition

6 Centre ideas with student Accountability Sheets, Self Reflection & a Think-board combining all 5 Strategies

  • Multiplication Think-board – For All Strategies
  • Pop Stick Puzzles- Skip Counting
  • Roll & Write – Repeated Addition
  • Dab & Dot – Equal Groups
  • Punch!- Arrays
  • 3 For FREE Triangle Cards – Commutative Property

(This contains  2 secured PDF files this means you will not be able to ; copy, cut, paste, extract, edit or customise this product in any way- it is PRINT ONLY)

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Free M.A.T.H Poster For Growth Mindset

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FREE MATH Growth Mindset Poster Printables

Teaching Multiplication Strategies FREE Skip Counting Mat

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Pop Stick skip counting FREE printable



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Math think Board Templates

Maths Think Board



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Teaching Multiplication Strategies Kit, Skip Counting FREEBIE, FREE M.A.T.H Poster

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