Thinkboard Template


There are so many resources and hands-on manipulatives to help students learn fractions, but do you find that your students still ‘don’t get it’, even when using ‘Hands-On’ teaching aids?

Have you ever used a Think board? This is probably our all time favourite Resource.

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This is an awesome tool that can be used in so many ways. Using it will give students the opportunity to construct and OWN their understandings, in just about ANY concept! We love this resource so much we wanted to share it with you and to save you time, we have put together ONE version and attached it as a FREE download for you! Just one condition… please share it with your Teacher friends!

Use this FREEBIE to help your students understand how to “Read, Write, Recognise, Model, Order, Solve & Work Mathematically” (ACARA)

We made a B & W version so you can use it in students books as a pre/post assessment activity and also a colour version that you can laminate & reuse for warm-ups. We’ve even put together an instruction sheet with ideas of what to do in each section and we even included some of our favourite Pinterest ideas as well!


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