Recipes For Teachers

Recipes For Teachers {For The Classroom & Dinner}


Recipes For Teachers are Perfect for Classroom Cooking, School Lunches, Morning Tea and School Night Dinners! Make your Teacher Life Easy!

Recipes For Teachers & classrooms


Here’s a collection of Recipes just for Teachers. There’s quick recipes for your classroom and easy to cook school night dinners.  There’s even free printables too!

Non Edible Classroom Recipes For Teachers

Looking for Playdough, coloured rice and slime…

  • Easiest Cooked Playdough Recipe -This Cooked Playdough Recipe is quick and simple to make. In just 5 minutes you’ll have soft, smooth, squishy play doh perfect for any Kindergarten Playdough Station!
  • Coloured Rice -Download this no cook recipe for perfect coloured rice and grab a free sorting printable for number recognition to go with it at the end of this post!
  • Homemade Playdough -Try this homemade playdough recipe for soft, squishy playdough. It’s no cook and cheap to make! Perfect for squishing, stretching and our free playdough mats!
  • No Cook Playdough Recipe-This is possibly the quickest and easiest no cook playdough recipe I have ever made! It’s a real life saver and works perfectly with playdough mats!

gingerbread House gifts

Simple Classroom Cooking Recipes For Teachers

Perfect for simple measuring activities, sequencing or procedure writing

  • Gingerbread House Activities For Kids – Gingerbread may not be to your taste but you don’t need to miss out on this Holiday tradition! Try these alternative ideas to gingerbread using regular biscuits or even savoury crackers
  • Easy Halloween Recipes -With just 3 ingredients and NO COOKING marshmallow eyeballs are an excellent classroom cooking activity. Make these fun spooky treats this Halloween and try them with our FREE pumpkin number tracing cards!
  • Our Halloween Recipe -for Band aid Biscuits is totally Gross but so much Fun! With just 3 ingredients and NO COOKING you can make these a gross but fun band aid biscuit treats for Halloween.

School Night Dinner Slow Cooker Recipes For Teachers

  • Simple Homemade Tomato Soup – Our simple homemade tomato soup is delicious! Make it from scratch in the crockpot using tomato, onion, potato, bacon, garlic, a yummy recipe for teachers! It’s the best ever tomato soup you’ll ever make from scratch!
  • Italian Bean Soup -This simple Italian Bean Soup Recipe is a favourite, healthy, school-night recipe. It’s a perfect recipe for the slow cooker, Insta or crockpot.
  • Zucchini Sweet Potato Zoodle Noodles– Our  zucchini sweet potato zoodle noodles recipe is healthy, meat free and  packed full of vegetables.  It is really quick and simple to make if you have a spirializer.
Recipes For Teachers are Perfect for Classroom Cooking, School Lunches, Morning Tea and School Night Dinners! Make your Teacher Life Easy! #teacherlife #recipes #teaching