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Successful Students

So what’s the magic ingredient to student achievement?

The first question I ask when I meet a teacher whose students are successful is “How did you do it” then “What do you do that makes your students successful?” I realise all teachers work hard and then some so it’s not through lack of hard work so what is the secret ingredient? Well according to Catrina Jacobs an Elementary Teacher in Phoenix, Arizona it’s not just one thing!

In her Edutopia article she says it 3 things … “I try to bring my students every day: care, captivate, and catapult.” These strategies have become the backbone of my classroom.

1. Care – We can show them that we care through our words and actions of teaching and learning.

2.Captivate -It takes us being motivated and enthusiastic on a daily basis to feed our students and build a genuinely positive and eager learning environment.

3. Catapult – We need to continue setting the bar high for all kids, holding them accountable, guiding them, and showing them how to hold themselves accountable. READ MORE…


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