Tried & Tested Number Recognition Activities

20+ Of The Best Activities For Teaching Number Recognition!


These amazing activities for Teaching Number Recognition are designed for kindergarten or preschool kids.  Tried & Tested Ideas for Teaching Numeracy that work!


Teaching Number Recognition

What is Number Recognition?

Number recognition is learning to identify and name numbers and it is one of the first things a kindergarten or pre-schooler will learn how to do. It is a complicated concept because it involves much more than being able to say a number name. Teaching Number Recognition includes teaching number names, writing and recognising digits, counting and quantity.

Traditional flash-card activities will help with recalling and naming different numbers, but this is a long way from teaching children a deep mathematical understanding about number recognition. For this to happen children need numerous opportunities to discover and explore the connection between number names, numerals and quantity (counting).



Things To Remember When Teaching Number Recognition

When planning activities it is important to create a range of experiences for the students that don’t just focus on saying or chanting the names of numbers. Math programs need to include activities, games and learning experiences that teach students depth of the concept and encourages them to apply their understandings to a range of situations.

It’s important to make sure the activities you use teach your kids:

  • The language of counting – the names of numbers, exposure to numbers and counting in other cultures
  • The process of counting– naming the numbers in sequence, forwards and backwards and from any starting point. Building understanding of the number sequence and how all numbers are made from combination of the same digits 0-9. Understanding that numbers are said in a particular order and there are patterns in the way we say them
  • Connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero
  • Counting is not chanting it involves a number of steps or “Counting Principles” – understanding that each object must be counted only once, that the arrangement of objects does not affect how many there are, and that the last number counted answers the ‘how many’ question

We have a ton of fun, hands-on activities, teacher resources, and free teacher worksheets and printables . Try them next time you’re planning and teaching numeracy, and you’ll get excellent results for your children!


Number Recognition Activities

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Activities For Teaching Number Recognition

Here is a collection of hands-on activities to help your students recognise, apply and understand numbers. Click each link to read the Blog post and get the best tips, tricks and printables for teaching number recognition!   Don’t Forget To Bookmark this page and check back often, we add new thing regularly!

Number Recognition Games

Roll and Dot The Number Printables

Egg Carton Math

Teaching Number Recognition Activities

Fine Motor Resources

Number Printables For Playdough

Halloween Themed Number Printables

  • Halloween Spider printable number games – Try our craft spider web, spider bingo, spider clip cards and spider number game for some fun, cute number recognition learning this halloween!
  • Trick or Treat Your Kids Into Learning with these Spooky Halloween Number Recognition Tracing Mats – Pumpkins 0-20
  • Apple Themed Addition From Sea of Knowledge – Using ‘Ten Red Apples’ by Pat Hutchins To Teach Addition

More Activities To Teach Number Names

Our Number Recognition Products

Number mazes Games Pack
Number Think Board Download
Number Recognition Bundle
Robot Colouring Math Game
I Spy Number Recognition Games
Roll, Dot & Write Number Facts To 30 Game


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Free Number Talk Posters

FREE Math Talk Posters For teachers


Teaching number sense is kind of  a big deal during the early years. Our Blogging buddies over at Sea of Knowledge also has a list of some incredible hands-on math number sense activities which you have to see!

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Teaching Number Sense Sea Of Knowledge



think board templates

Math Think Board Activities


These amazing activities for Teaching Number Recognition are designed for kindergarten or preschool kids.  Tried & Tested Ideas for Teaching Numeracy that work! Try these engaging hands-on activities and printables next time you're planning and teaching numeracy, for excellent results for your children! Visit Website For FREE Printables! #teaching #Math #Numbersense #counting #numbers #classroomfreebies #teacherfreebies #kindergarten