Teaching Numeracy

This is a collection of resources for teachers, assistants and home schoolers to help with planning, assessing and teaching numeracy concepts. Use these resources and videos when working on all areas of maths, including: number concepts, patterns and algebra, fractions, decimals and percentages, angles, units of measurement, money and financial mathematics, counting, place value, operations, location and transformation, problem-solving, chance, shape, graphs and data, mathematics investigations, numbers and more.

These teaching resources, activities and videos will show you how to break down main numeracy concepts into simple easy to implement classroom ideas that will help you to teach your students and get results!

Resources For Teaching Number and Algebra

Repeated Addition

Repeated Addition Free Printables


Think Board Templates

Think board template

  • The Think board template is a  great tool for teaching numeracy. Using maths think boards will help your students build deeper levels of  understanding in a wide range of  concepts. Help your students, understand maths concepts with our maths think board templates and to classify, organise, group and sort ideas and communicate their understanding more effectively. Find some Free printables and great ideas to use in your classroom in this post.

Mental Maths

muffin tin maths

  • Muffin tin maths is a fun activity to help your students build recall and fluency of maths facts. We used this idea as part of our guided maths  rotations as a  way to build fluency and recall of multiplication facts. This classroom activity also encouraged students to use their range of Mental Maths strategies to solve a range of different maths problems.  If you want to save time prepping, cutting photocopying and laminating your maths activities then this muffin tin maths activity  is for you!  Download the Free activity ideas sheet and give this awesome idea for Math Centre , Homeschool or Homework a go!
  • Are you setting up your Mental Maths Program? Read Our ‘Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Teaching Mental Maths‘ for a Successful Program. Grab a FREE Mental Maths Teaching Pack to help teach: Counting On, Rearranging the Parts, Subitising, 3 For FREE and more…

Place Value

  • Download this FREE template to help your students practise their Place Value skills. This simple Place Value Folder is a great addition to your Guided Math lessons as a self paced, differentiated  Math rotation. Students will practice connecting number names, numerals and place value as well as expanded notation in a fun motivating dice game. Add this great idea to your collection of teacher worksheets!

Place Value Folder


  • Do your students Fear Fractions? Do you use commercial Fraction Mats To Teach Fractions? Well  here’s why you should STOP using them! Find out how commercial Fraction Mats are confusing your students! There are so many resources and hands-on manipulatives to help students learn  fractions, but do you find that your students still ‘don’t get it’, even when using ‘Hands-On’ teaching aids? Check out the student made Fraction Mat!

Teaching Fractions



  • Creating programs for Teaching algebra is a difficult component of teaching numeracy, and planning usually focusses on simple patterning activities & “What comes next?” tasks. Follow these Top 5 Tips for teaching algebra. Use these tips in your programs to get results for your students! Download Your free printable at the end of the post!

Teaching Algebra


  • Teaching Multiplication and learning multiplication facts can be a difficult part of teaching numeracy.  Fortunately, there are a range of simple, effective strategies that we can use to help us teach the multiplication facts so that every student can be successful! Teaching Multiplication strategies empowers students to solve problems and carry out calculations with confidence and understanding. Although memorization of number facts is desirable, it should not be the only teaching strategy, and students need to be taught strategies to use for when the memory fails! Take a Look At our Videos & Activities and get results!

Teaching Multiplication


Moderation Process

  • Measurement moderation is an important part of teaching numeracy. It is a process where teachers compare judgements to either confirm or adjust them. The moderation process involves a number of steps and close collaboration to establish a shared understanding of what different achievement grades (A -E)  looks like and whether or not the student has demonstrated achievement at A, B, C, D,or E grade. The process is invaluable as it allows teachers to work towards making judgements that are consistent and comparable to ensure accurate reporting grades.

Moderation Task Free Printable