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Number Fact Fluency – Roll, Dot & Write Dice Activities

Dab & Dot Number Fact Fluency

This quick Number Fact Fluency dice activity game is a great way for children to build  fluency and learn basic number facts. The free number fact printable is easy to use as part of your math rotations or for homework… Just roll your dice, dot the total and write a number fact! It is a great teacher worksheet for any maths centre.


Roll, Dab Dot & Write Missing Number Facts

The Muffin Tin Maths Video & Number Facts Fluency ideas printable  was so popular, we thought we would share another easy to prepare Number Facts & Fluency Activity for your students.

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Do your students love using dice during math time? So do ours but we recently found an even more motivating classroom tool for my students…introducing dab & dot markers.

Do you know the power of the “Special Markers?  “YES!” we hear you chuckle well here’s our latest find.. the QUEEN of all special markers… the Dab & Dot Marker!

Our students just love using these markers so we decided to try and use them to make learning number facts more enjoyable for them. Many of our students find it just too hard and frustrating to work on building fluency and automatic recall of number facts and they often become disengaged, noisy and give up during this rotation.

Enter this little life saver… ‘The Special Marker!’ I’m sure you have used scented special markers in your class before with amazing results…

When our students use Dab and Dot Markers for revision, fluency and recall they find number fact activities so much fun! A MUST for any teacher’s toolkit… give them a try you won’t regret it!

We also find that to keep students on task with their learning they need accountability. To do this we create some type of self-reflection or recording sheet to be completed as part of a dice activity . These techniques certainly helps to keep students on task and responsible for their own learning with the added bonus of collecting evidence of their understanding.

We have created two FREE Printables for you to use with your Dab & Dot Markers… Keep reading to download them.


 Dab & Dot Number Recognition  Game – Dice Activity

Early Years Activity – This activity is great for developing the ability to subitise and match the corresponding numbers.


Roll & Dot Numbers To 6

How to Play:

    • Roll the dot dice & ‘see how many, without counting’ (2 is rolled in the graphic)
    • Select a colour of Dab & Dot marker and copy the dots onto the blank dice on the activity sheet (red- 2 dots are dabbed onto the sheet)
    • Use the same colour marker to dab & dot ‘how many’… find them all (2 was rolled so all the number 2’s are dabbed)
    • Roll again & continue, changing dab & dot marker colour each time a different number is rolled (6 different colours)


 Roll, Dab, Dot & Write Number Facts Game

We created this version to help students recall basic number facts to 30.  Students  roll one or more dice, find & dot the total rolled, then write a matching number fact using addition, subtraction, division or multiplication .


Roll, Dot, & Write Missing Number Facts


How to Play:

  • Roll one or more dot dice (3 and 1)
  • Find the total rolled (4)
  • Select a colour Dab & Dot marker and copy the dots onto the on the activity sheet (red- 3 dots &  1 dot )
  • Continue playing…


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