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Some of you know that I am a Numeracy Coach for Teachers  (GiRN) as well as a classroom teacher. My role is to provide support with implementing the Australian Curriculum Mathematics Curriculum and work shoulder-to-shoulder with classroom teachers to make these changes. This term I am doing some maths coaching at my school and I wanted to share with you the Educational Nuggets, as I like to call them, or ideas, resources, pedagogy & AHHHHHA Moments that I come across with when working with the wonderfully Lovely & Talented Teachers at my school.

So as my ‘Math day’ is a Thursday & I work  on Maths Activities, I thought I would Share with you:

M.A.D. Thursdays! -AKA Math Activity Day Thursday!

So here’s my First Share with you… Guided Math. Does anyone run this in their classrooms? Share any tips, tricks Games with us in the comments.

Like many of you, our school has been investing a lot of time in Guided Reading! This week I shared a presentation about guided MATHS! Well if you’re doing Guided Reading you already have the skills & the set up… so why not…!

What is Guided Math? – An Instructional teaching strategy to maximise student learning

Just like Guided Reading… Great for “Best Practice Teaching” Which can incorporate some or all of the following :

  1. Multiple intelligences
  2. Different student interests
  3. Wide Range of abilities
  4. Child-centred authentic learning
  5. Risk Free learning
  6. Links to Proficiency strands & NQT Framework!



Here’s a Short clip of why A School Started Using Guided Math


Here Dr. Nicki Explains what Guided Math is…

Working with a small group during your maths block means you get to work with a small group of students on a focus skill or topic. You can stay with the group for a whole session if needed or see more than one group in the same session. Remember you will see all you students by the end of the week. BUT the groups can change depending on the topic you are teaching just because a student is good at number it doesn’t mean they will be in the same group for measurement! While you are working closely with the guided  group the rest of your class is at a  Math Station, Practising & Consolidating an previously taught math concept. This is a great way to build automatic recall. Dr. Nicki Explains…

Here’s a way to structure the workstations in your classroom using the Build Strategy:

B– Buddy activity – Lots on Sparkle Box, Paul Swan Dice, cards & dominoes etc… logic games topple over, Block-us etc..

U– Using Maths tubs

I-independent reading- great for kids to see maths in the real world – counting on frank, the doorbell rang maths fables etc… (there are even guided reading books for math concepts)

L – Learning About Numbers – number grid, number line problems etc- skip counting, automatic recall of basic facts, mental strategies etc… number scrolls using the calculatorFS

D– Do Maths – work sheets/ task cards (boxed in school ready to go)

You don’t have to do the stations, but it’s somewhere to start. Here’s another clip explaining the B.U.I.L.D Strategy


Check out Dr. Nicki Newton’s BLOG


Place Value Game

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In Summary…Here’s our Top 5 Tips to Getting Started with Guided Maths in your Classroom!Guided Maths TOP 5 (1)


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