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SPOOK-tacular Number Recognition Activities For A Happy Halloween!

Spooktacular Halloween

TRICK your kids into LOVING Math with our spooky Number Recognition activities. These Halloween printables make Learning & Teaching Number Recognition a TREAT!


Number Recognition Spooktacular Printables

It’s time to STOP hating on the Halloween hype and use it to YOUR advantage! You won’t regret it, I promise.  Until recently I never ‘did’ Halloween topics or Halloween activities with my kids; in fact non of the teachers in my school ‘did’ a Halloween theme!

But the kids had other ideas about this. My reluctance to recognise Halloween didn’t stop the kids from being distracted by all things slimy, creepy and crawly, they absolutely LOVE Halloween so why not take that excitement and turn it into engagement and motivation?


Halloween Math Printables

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Yep I’m all for using any TRICK in the book to get my kids to love learning! So I ABSOLUTELY am ‘doing’ Halloween with my class this year! And you should give it a go too!

As soon as you give in and stop fighting it (Halloween) the better. So start incorporating slime, spiders, pumpkins, witches, ghouls & ghosts, whatever it takes, into your number recognition lessons, and you’ll get your kids to love learning MATH this Halloween!

Take a look at our SPOOktacular Halloween themed teacher worksheets and ideas, and scroll to the end of the post for your Halloween FREEBIE!

Teaching Number Recognition

What is Number Recognition?

Number recognition can be defined as “the ability to identify and name basic numerals” which needs to be broken down into several core mathematical skills:

  • matching numbers to quantity
  • identifying numbers
  • naming numbers

Read more here

Witches hats number recognition activity

How To Teach Number Recognition

Numbers in the Environment

Teaching number recognition includes teaching children about numbers in the environment as well as using numbers in math. So it is important that they have lots of opportunities to find numbers on everyday items like the:

  • TV remotes
  • phones
  • cars
  • traffic signs
  • price tags

and that numbers can be found in the classroom, at home, in the playground, at the shops, in fact everywhere!

In addition Children need the opportunity to explore how everyone uses numbers everyday, and that numbers are not just learnt about in ‘Math’ class.  Some real life examples of using numbers include:

  • setting the right number of places at the dinner table
  • using 3 different coloured pencils to complete an activity
  • getting enough glue sticks for everyone at the table

When students notice that numbers are an essential part of their life, learning numbers becomes more meaningful.



Halloween themed number recognition

Number Recognition in the Classroom

Teaching programs in the kindergarten classroom need to include opportunities for students to develop the full range and depth on understandings around numbers including:

  • match digits, number words and quantity 0-20
  • digit formation 0-20
  • count a collection to find how many are in it
  • know that numbers are in a particular order that we use to count
  • compare small quantities
  • think mathematically to solve simple word problems
  • develop language & terminology of number recognition

SPOOKtacular Number Recognition Activities

Our Halloween themed number recognition activity packwill give your students visual and tactile experiences with numbers. This will help them become proficient at recognizing and identifying numbers 0-20. Activities included:

  • Spider Tracing / Playdough mats with ten frames

Number Recognition worksheet for Halloween


  • Pumpkin Clip Cards 0-20

Number recognition games

  • Witches Hats Quantity Cards (Arrays & Random Representation)

Witches hats number recognition activity

  • Numeral Cards 0-20 &  11 Problem Solving Cards (one more/less, forwards/backwards, smallest to largest, smaller than…etc)

Number recognition Games for kindergarten

  • FREE Adorable Pumpkin Tracing Numbers 0-20 Printables

Pumpkin themed number recognition games 0-20

Click the image to get these adorable number recognition activity tracing numbers 0-20 mats for FREE!

Free number recognition game


More Halloween Printable Number Games

Number Recognition Printables


Halloween Themed Literacy Activities

If you’re also wanting some SPOOKtacular activities for your Literacy lessons head on over to my Blogging Buddy Yara on her Blog Sea of Knowledge. She has a mountain of cute Halloween Literacy activities your kids will love!

Spooky Alphabet Activities

Egg Carton Maths Activities

Egg Carton Maths Activities


Number Recognition

Teaching Number Recognition

Measurement Moderation Task

Measurement Moderation Tasks


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TRICK your kids into LOVING Math with our spooky Number Recognition activities. These Halloween printables make Learning & Teaching Number Recognition a real TREAT! Grab a FREEBIE From our website #halloween #numberrecognition #teacherfreebies #numbers0-20 #kindergarten

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