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How To Make Kids Feel Smarter at Math With Think Board Templates

Using Think Boards in the classroom

Kids hate math? Try a think board! They are the perfect tool for teaching numeracy and getting kids to love learning math. Start the transformation today!

Think Board Templates

What is A Think Board?

Benefits of Using Math ThinkBoard Templates

Thinkboard templates are an excellent teaching tool, they are so simple to implement into any classroom routine, they work with any age group, and are suitable for any topic! We love using think board templates in our math class and our kids do too. Think boards help kids feel ‘smarter’ at math because they help the students  complete math tasks successfully. Win Win! Here’s why maths think board printables are our go to tool for teaching numeracy:

  • Great for developing vocabulary and math language
  • Easy to differentiate student needs
  • Open-ended Tasks
  • Perfect for groups, partner work and individuals
  • Provide higher order thinking opportunities
  • Identify areas of misunderstanding
  • Hands-on and fun
  • Improves levels of success for students!
number sorts think boards
Math Think Board Templates
Fraction Think Board Template

These Math Think Board templates are  great teaching tools that will help your students build deeper levels of  understanding in a wide range of  concepts. Math think boards can be used to help students develop, explore and practice a wide range of mathematical skills including:

  • visualizing
  • classifying
  • organizing
  • grouping
  • sorting

These templates help students to construct their own understandings and build upon their existing knowledge. Think boards and graphic organisers are some of the most effective visual learning strategies for your students and they can be used across the curriculum to demonstrate and enhance learning and understanding content.

They can all be used at the various stages of the teaching learning & assessment process, including:

  • Identifying Prior Knowledge
  • Introducing a topic
  • Teaching a topic
  • Independent Learning
  • Study and revision
  • Post Assessment

Think Board Printables

These simple teaching tools are one of A Plus Teaching’s favourites! Use them to quickly differentiate any type of activities to meet your students’ needs, extend student thinking into Blooms higher order levels of thinking, scaffold learning and help to build student accountability, confidence and engagement.  Find all our posts below and click one to download a FREE Think board template printable and add it to your teacher worksheet file!

  • Number Think Board -This FREE printable sorting numbers think board combines the think board teaching strategy with concept attainment. We have already discussed the think board strategy earlier here, but what is concept attainment?
  • Maths Think Board – Explore whole, fractions, or decimal numbers with these 3 FREE  blank think board printables
  • Helping Students Learn Fractions with this free fraction think board template
Multiplication Think Board Template
Problem Solving Think Board Template
Number sense think board
  • Multiplication Think Board – Teaching Multiplication Strategies kit – Perfect product (paid) for teaching multiplication. Pack includes posters, multiplication think board,  worksheets and activities for teaching Skip Counting, Arrays, Equal Groups, 3 for FREE Triangle Cards (Commutative Property) and Repeated Addition. There’s even a skip counting freebie & Math poster for FREE!
  • Teaching Problem Solving Try these 5 steps for successful problem solving and this free S.O.L.V.E. it think board download
  • This think board pack contains 12 math think board templates for teaching a range of concepts. Full instructions and ideas are included in the pack and there is even a FREEBIE to download!



Newman's Analysis think board
Math think board Template Pack
Subitising & Number Recognition think board
  • Our FREE Newmans Prompts Think Board template is a great assessment tool for teachers. Use it to identify & fix which part of the problem solving process your students are struggling with
  • FREE Math Think Board Perfect to get you started with think boards in your class
  • Addition Think Board – Teach your kids early  addition concepts with our egg carton addition teaching ideas, great hands-on activities and an addition think board
  • Help kindergarten kids build their early number understanding using hands-on activities with egg cartons. This subitizing with egg cartons activities page has great ideas & a number thinkboard!


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Kids hate math? Try a think board! They are the perfect tool for teaching numeracy and getting kids to love learning math. Start the transformation today with a freebie from our website. #classroomfreebies #teachingmath #teacherfreebie #thinkboards

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