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No Time For Thinking?

Recently there has been a over emphasis, & I think misplaced & misunderstood interpretation of Explicit learning, to the extent that I have seen maths lessons become a ‘Chart bark’ of blah, blah blah! Not good, and probably not what explicit teaching is really about!

Amy Lin loves math, is passionate about teaching math and has seen how children’s fear of being wrong in math has crushed their spirits. Amy talks about the notion that math is “ish”and doesn’t have to be about being exactly right. She shares how math teachers can create places where all students are curious, creative and actively part of the learning conversations.  Where teaching instruction includes discussion about how we think in math. Here’s an awesome TED Talk by Amy Lin – Thinking Math-ishly about why we need to move beyond rote & recall maths which cultivates math anxiety to creating a mathematical classroom community where we TALK about Math!

After listening to this Ted Talk I was inspired to make a poster to show my students how “Good Mathematicians Think” It has sentence starters to help students talk about their maths. I also created theses Math talk Poster Prompts for your bulletin board click here FREE Math Talk Posters here…

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